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 Deliver a Powerful, Confident Listing Presentation – Every Single Time

Hands-On Workshop With Borino

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Strong Listing Presentation means…

  • You feel more confident and in control
  • You will NOT get smacked by your competition  
  • There is no antagonistic tension over price or commission
  • The sellers feel at ease, because you’re in this together as a team
  • You don’t have to fight for price reductions later
  • Your prospecting and follow up work better because you’re more confident
  • Sellers appreciate you more – FINALLY!
  • You have better saleable listings
  • You have a bigger listing inventory
  • You make more money and take more time off


No Selling

listing-presentationGood listing presentation is NOT about canned sales scripts, 50-page CMA, or fancy PowerPoint slides. It’s not about manipulation, convincing or closing. You don’t compete with other agents because from the very beginning you’re not another sales agent trying to get a listing. You’re positioned as THE authority: a counselor and a guide the sellers trust. 

Want to learn in TWO DAYS exactly HOW to do that? I have a special invitation for you….

Come to my  hands-on workshop where you will learn, practice and master your presentation. This will be two intense days where we roll up our sleeves and go to work on your COMMUNICATION, CONFIDENCE, and DELIVERY. From “Hello, my name is…” all the way to “Please sign here!”

It’s like swimming. You will not learn how to swim by reading books or watching others. You have to jump in the water. Same thing… You CANNOT learn a great presentation by watching a video or being on a webinar.

You have to actually be here and DO IT. So I will personally coach you. Plus I will have video cameras watching your every move. And just like pro athletes, we’ll analyze what worked, what didn’t and how to fix it.

Fair Warning

A great listing presentation requires focus, effort and work. Good old fashioned hard work. This is not a magic bullet so if you’re looking for one let me save you time and money – this is not for you. But….

THIS IS FOR YOU IF: [green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • You’re willing to work, to grow, to learn, and be coached
  • You want to leave your competition in the dust – scratching their heads
  • You want to have an easier, softer, but incredibly powerful communication with your clients
  • You want to master advanced influence strategies based on hypnosis and NLP
  • You want to help more clients and get paid more…


If you answered YES, then come on board. These two days will change your life, I promise you.

Two Days Of Intense Practice, Coaching And Analysis

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  • The Seller Pre-listing Interview
  • Average agent vs.high-status real estate authority
  • First four seconds
  • Comfort, Rapport, Trust triangle
  • Power Questions
  • Control, Connection, Confidence
  • The Emotional Disconnect Pricing Process
  • Objections Crusher – stalls, loops, pricing objections, commission objections, conditional objections…
  • And of course, you get to hang out with us for the weekend … so -no brainer.



What’s Includedlisting-presentation-plus-set-laptop

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  • Pre-Listing Package – sellers are pre-sold before they meet you
  • Complete Presentation System with slides and CMA – blow the sellers away AND price the sucker right!
  • Marketing Plus: 120-step marketing plan to get a listing sold – talk about impressive!
  • Slide-by-slide walk through with dialog anchors so you always stay on track
  • Additional resources and videos to help you kick butt


Only 24

This is a hands-on workshop and we’ll be working in small teams, so I am only accepting 24 agents. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice, watch others, and ask questions.

Simple Math

Obviously, your numbers will be different and I am NOT promising you ANY results, but here is a hypothetical scenario… Let’s say you have 20 listing appointments in the next 12 months. Your current closing ratio is 50%. That means you end up with 10 listings. At average commission of $8,000 that’s $80,000. Not too bad.


$80,000 $128,000

Now imagine you take it up to 80%. Same number of appointments. That’s 16 listings and $128,000 in commissions. That means an additional SIX listings and $48,000 in income – without any extra prospecting, expenses or marketing!  All because you’ve improved your listing presentation. Seriously, how much is THAT worth to you and your business? 

100% Money-back Guarantee

guarantee-sealI stand behind everything you get from me 100%. So here is my straight forward guarantee. Come to the workshop and learn the system. See if it works for you. You will LOVE the program and get great results quickly. If not, simply send us an email up to 60 days AFTER the workshop and we will promptly refund your entire purchase. No hassle, no hard feelings.

You have a full 60 days to put the entire system to use and see if it works for you. Learn it, follow it, use it — give it your honest best and see for yourself. If it does not work for you, if the sellers are not absolutely impressed with you and if you don’t get more listings, just shoot us an email for a prompt full refund.


You know me… I don’t like hype and I will not insult your intelligence with some loud cheap sales talk. Just one thing. You’re not here because you have too many listings and too many commissions. I know you want more: more business, more money, more respect… And more life. Deep inside you probably feel like you’ve had enough of mediocrity and struggle. You believe you can do much better.I believe you can, too. That’s why I put this coaching program together for you.

This is your chance… right now.

Come on board, and I promise you’ll be amazed how quickly you can see great results. All it takes is the right information and inspired action. I’ll show you…

Classroom Training2The Workshop

Date: September 21 and 22 (Saturday and Sunday), 2013

Times: Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday 9 AM to 2 PM

Location: Hyatt Regency, Washington DC

[order_box_1 width=”85%” + border=”4px”]  YES, Borino, I’m ready to learn how to deliver a powerful listing presentation. I want to be more confident and in control. I want more business, more listings, better listings, and more commissions. 

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Only $1,297

Special Price For Subscribers and Clients – Only $697
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